Japanese advertising: the gentle art of hardcore product and service marketing

With Japanese culture being popularized in countries outside of Japan, I figured maybe some people might be interested in what type of printed advertisements and ad campaigns are being used within Japan. To me, it seems that Japanese companies have their marketing down to a science. Their advertisements often contain lively graphic designs, cartoonish characters, and cute images that it is hard not to stop and take notice of many of these ads. Although the english or “engrish” used in many of these ads can often be unintentionally hilarious, the messages can often leave an impact on the passerby.

Within this site, I will snap photos of popular ads and explain the contents of the advertisement itself.

Sometimes I will have a detailed translation of the ad, other times translations may be a bit looser.

In any case, most of these ads will be fun to look at.

I welcome submissions of ads and translations as well. (In order to keep things in somewhat of an order, I will keep an eye on all submissions, so let’s keep it somewhat clean, folks.)

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