About Ads of Japan

Ads of Japan is a website dedicated to showcasing various forms of advertising in Japan. Cities in Japan are saturated with advertisements everywhere you look. It is the world’s second largest advertising market, second only to the United States. Advertising in Japan is well developed and utilizes every type of mass-media advertising available. Japanese advertisement varies from traditional nationwide television commercial broadcasts to small ads in local town newspapers. Advertisements also flood other media such as transit, mobile / cell phones, internet, cinema, postcards, flyers, direct mail, and giant billboards with printed posters or digital commercials displayed on them as well. The main focus of this site is on the many different styles of Japanese print ads. Most of the ads found in this site will focus on printed ads in the form of posters, flyers, banners, displays found out in public areas such as streets, stores, train stations, inside trains, buses, as well as those advertisements found within pages of magazines, newspapers, direct mail and etc.

If you have any ads that you would like to place on the site, please contact me with the photo of the ad and a translation if you have one.