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Apr 10

Crime series ad turns Shibuya station into record storage facility

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Crime series advertisement in Shibuya

This is an advertisement for a crime drama TV series by Asahi Television called 警視庁 (keishi chou) 失踪 (shissou) 捜査課 (sousa ka)” which in English is “The Metropolitan Police Missing Persons Investigation Section.”
This advertisement spreads across a series of public daily lockers found in JR Shibuya station in early April to promote for the series premiere on Friday, April 16th.

The individual lockers of one area of the station  have been made to look like government or police case record storage boxes with a label on each marking the details of a particular case. Some of the cases have 未解決 (mikaiketsu) “UNSOLVED” stamped in red across the label.

On the floor right in front of the lockers are what appear to be files and case records scattered all over, as if someone was going through the files and dropped them all over the floor.

In between each bank of lockers is a large poster that makes the space look like an aisle between the file boxes on storage racks in what looks like a file storage room, with characters from the show/movie standing between the racks.

The space where these posters are placed is usually the main surface for advertising posters, but in this case they are using almost everything surrounding the locker area as part of an advertisement that spreads across lockers and onto the floor.

Oct 08

Axe chocolate scent for men advertising in Japan

Axe bodyspray Wanted poster advertisement poster Chocoman

Axe bodyspray Wanted poster advertisement poster Chocoman

Axe body spray has a new Chocolate body scent. The ads posters that I found posted in Shibuya near Tower records were designed to look like a “Wanted” poster featurning a grinning and if you ask me, a somewhat creepy face of a Chocolate boy and behind him some cleavage.

A whole wall was plastered with these posters. It is a pretty commmon practice in Japan to fill a whole wall with the same exact ad. (FYI- This practice is also done with TV commercials on occasion when they play the same exact commercial one after another. )

The copy reads as follows:
WANTED (in big bold letters)
Chocoman (in Japanese katakana チョコマン; in much smaller letters above the photo of the grinning Chocoman)
Reward undecided. (賞金変動中; With a 7 digit line of question marks lined up preceded with a Yen sign.)

Below that in smaller copy it suggests that the viewer scan a “barcode” with their mobile phone:
The first step in obtaining reward (賞金獲得の第一歩 with an arrow pointing to a Japanese cell phone scan barcode).

These mobile/cell phone barcodes are a pretty common site on a lot of advertising in Japan. It usually offers some benefits in the form of discounts, samples, and other rewards simply by scanning the code and entering you cell phone email.
The barcode itself isn’t really a barcode, but more of a square grid resembling a digital inkblot.

This ad campaign also features TV commercials which appear to be exactly the same as the one shown outside of Japan (North America, etc.) featuring a chocolate man walking around being chased and randomly bitten by females in his vicinity.